Learn basic coding skills playing Minecraft!

This website has links to all the code and resources used in “How to Code in Minecraft”, along with a forum for those who want to discuss and collaborate. Available from Amazon and other stockists.

Getting Started

All the things you need to know to get up and running with the exercises in the book.


Information on how to link up Scratch and Minecraft!

Python and Minecraft

Explore bigger concepts and take on more challenging code with Python.


Explore the Lua language with the awesome ComputerCraft mod!

Latest News

Updated instructions

Get up and running faster with your McMyAdmin / Scratch installation with these updated instructions: Download CraftBukkit 1.12 from https://getbukkit.org/craftbukkit Rename craftbukkit-1.12.jar to craftbukkit.jar Place craftbukkit.jar in your Minecraft folder in...

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CraftBukkit and Raspberry Juice plugin

"Bukget query failed.The Bukget query failed. The bukget service may be unavailable, or you may have connectivity issues. Please try again later." If you are having problems downloading and installing the Raspberry Juice plugin due to recent changes in the...

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Sign this petition for Mojang to keep developing MCPI

As many of you will know from reading through How to Code in Minecraft, MCPI is a foundation not only to how I've chosen to structure the majority of exercises in the book but also to many aspiring coders as well. If you've any interest in seeing further books and...

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Forum is back up

Hi folks The forum was unavailable for a short time while the site was upgraded. It's all back up and running now - thanks for your patience.  

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Exercises Added

Exercises for Chapters 2, 3 and 4 have now all been posted. Note that for Chapter 4 (ComputerCraft), I've left out code for the Turtle Disco Party as the exercise doesn't really have completed code per se.

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